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July 15, 2024

Estate Claims, Challenges & Litigation

Having a Will does not guarantee the decedent’s assets, including real property and personal accounts, Will be distributed according to the Will’s terms.  A court generally must provide an opportunity to allow others to object to the Will, or file a Caveat, and a challenge may be brought by anyone with interest in the Estate who believes the Will is invalid.

Colin Quinn provides full service representation for our Estate clients in their Estate challenges and Estate litigation, including:

Probate services offered

  1. Estate and Probate Litigation
  2. Administration of contested Estates
  3. Determination of heirs
  4. Will contests
  5. Trust contests
  6. Guardianships for minor children and disabled or incapacitated adults
  7. Disposing of assets such as real estate, a business or other personal property
  8. Litigating disputes over Executor performance
  9. Guardianship contests

Will Contests
A Will contest is an action challenging the validity of the Will and is commonly governed by state law.
Grounds for contesting a Will include:

  1. A prior or subsequent Will
  2. Incapacity
  3. Undue Influence
  4. Improper Execution
  5. Forgery

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