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July 15, 2024


Real Estate $
Bank Account $
Retirement Accounts $
Investments $
Business Ownership Interests $
Personal Property $
Life Insurance Policy $
Gross Estate $
Mortgages $
Loans & Debts $
Liabilities $
Net Taxable Estate
(Gross Estate -Total Liabilities)
Probate Costs $
Federal Estate Tax $
Total $
Estate Remaining $
% Estate Remaining   

This assumes:
-if married, your entire estate passes to the surviving spouse
-all states use the federal credit for state death tax. Your actual state tax may be higher
-any adjusted taxable gifts or gift tax credit have not been considered
-probate and administration expenses are not taken into account.
-Federal estate tax begins with taxable estates that exceed $2,000,000, however, there are planning techniques that can be used to reduce or eliminate federal estate tax. You should consult an attorney and other advisors concerning what can be done to reduce your taxable estate.

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Dynasty Trust
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Legacy Planning
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